High-Quality, Diverse Educators


Effective teachers, strong principals, and qualified counselors are critical factors in the learning and overall success of students

Students from low-income communities in California are more likely to be taught by underqualified educators than their higher-income peers. 
We must enact a comprehensive approach to recruitment, preparation, placement, and retention of educators in every classroom at high-needs schools. This includes ongoing incentives, support, professional development, and leadership opportunities. 
Any policy recommendation without the presence of high-quality, diverse educators is futile. This must be a priority at the state level.

Why It Matters

There are 40% more teachers in low-income schools who lack the necessary qualifications than in higher-income schools.

Schools serving students from low-income communities experience more educator vacancies and higher turnover rates, which negatively impacts the opportunity for these students to learn at similar rates as their peers. 

Additionally, studies find that students of color often perform better on standardized tests, have improved attendance, and are suspended less frequently when they have at least one educator who looks like them. Diversity matters.


Overview of Policy Recommendations

  • Increase the number of people choosing to be teachers and school counselors
  • Redesign teacher and counselor preparation programs
  • Create incentives for districts to prioritize high-needs schools for staffing and placement decisions
  • Increase Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) funding for CSI and high-needs schools to require designated time and resources for ongoing, high-quality professional learning (PL) 
  • Develop state programs and incentives to ensure that all high-needs schools are led by successful, experienced, and equity-focused principals


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