Stability of Students’ Basic Needs

Basic needs are a necessary condition of education equity

While meeting the basic needs of students from low-income communities is not the direct focus of EdVoice Institute, it is critical in improving academic, social-emotional, and mental and physical outcomes for children. 

We will do what we can through partnerships to support the stability of basic needs for low-income students across California. 

Why It Matters

Supporting the Whole Child

We know students learn and grow best in a school environment focused on the “whole child.” This means we must focus on the interconnectedness of students’ developmental, academic, social-emotional, physical, and mental health needs. When students receive the social, emotional, and mental health support they need, they can engage more fully in classrooms and have better long-term outcomes. It is essential that we center basic needs, particularly for students from low-income communities who are more likely to face systemic barriers to mental and physical health and, ultimately, learning.  

Overview of Policy Recommendations

  • Better connect non-education, state-funded youth programs with the public education system so that the state has a more integrated approach to meeting students’ basic needs
  • Support partners as they lead efforts to pass policies that will address food insecurity, healthcare access, lack of stable housing, and other areas that have a significant impact on a child’s ability to access opportunity


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